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Me, Woodstock & Happy Tail Coffee

Some of my favorite memories revolve around coffee. I have always loved falling asleep just to be woken up by my mom or dad bringing me coffee in bed; always with a dollop of whipped cream and cinnamon on top. Something about the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen can instantly bring you out of whatever funk you might be in.

The idea of a converted horse trailer as a mobile coffee shop came to mind when moving back home to Connecticut and leaving all my favorite coffee shops behind. If I felt like this imagine how many other people felt like this. The beauty of coffee on the go is it's always near you. We are the "coffee place near you".

My red nose pit, Woodstock, has been the inspiration around every name I have toyed with. I finally decided on Happy Tail Coffee when I started to notice little specks of red on my wall. Not having a clue where they came from I finally realized, my legs covered in blood, my dog has been wagging his tail so hard to the point where it sprays blood. This dog is so happy about everything his tail never stops wagging!


We may not all have the ability to be as happy as Woodstock but at least we can start our mornings with something that gets us pretty close.

Meet Julian, the owner of Happy Tail Coffee. A lover of good coffee and espresso martinis, Julian's mission is to bring both to you in a fun,  creative way.
Meet Woodstock! The man behind the brand. Read our About Us section to read the full story on how this one dog became a brand.
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